How Xerox Printers for Business Is Changing the Office Environment

Printers are reducing in size. But the smaller they’ve become, the bigger their functionality has grown. Small and Midsize Business (SMB) owners have greatly benefited from this evolution. For instance, Xerox printers for business not only scan and print documents but also do translations. These are printers with the flexibility of a smartphone. Below are the new ways Multifunction Printers (MFPs) are changing the office environment.


Multifunction Printers (MFPs) are portable. They handle tasks that would, in the past, require at least three office machines to complete. Their portable size and multi-functionality mean the number of office equipment has reduced. SMBs with a small office space has more room now.

Workplace Assistant

MFPs handle a wide breadth of jobs. Photocopy, scan, print, fax, translate, and so on. Aside from the technical jobs, they also handle little administrative tasks, like preemptively ordering for cartridges before the old ink cartridge finishes. Although for this to happen, the SMB owner has to register with an Ink Subscription Service.

Mobile and Cloud

Continuum in computing is making it easier for people to start a task on their PC, then finish it on mobile. Such can be found in Microsoft Office, Adobe CC, etc. This is growing because of the fast adoption of cloud computing. And MFPs have joined the train. Now, you can easily send a file from your mobile phone to a printer. In the days of Ethernet connection, this wouldn’t have been possible. The connection between these devices is now seamless.

Color Printing and Automation

Color printing has always been more expensive than monochrome papers. The reason why an office staff may panic if they mistakenly failed to print in black and white a paper that shouldn’t be colored. MFPs with Xerox Connectivity can be automated to choose which documents appear in color and which to print in black and white. The automation is flexible and can be set based on the type of document or time of day. This saves the office worker from manually input this every time.

In this age where every electronic is getting smart – smartphone, smart TV – the printers were not left behind.