8 Must-Have Types of Glassware for Your Home Bar

Many homeowners love hosting parties at home. If you are one of them, you will have to create great living room decor. Your home should have everything necessary for hosting a party including good ambiance, comfortable furniture, delicious food, etc. Glassware is also very important for hosting parties and should be available in your living room decor. You cannot serve alcohol in use and throw glasses like in your college years. Now, you need proper glasses for serving different types of drinks. If you are not sure about which glasses you should get for your home bar design, here is a list:

01 of 08 Martini glass

Even if you do not drink martinis, you must have seen a martini glass. It was very commonly shown in Bond movies. It can be shaken or stirred, and is served in a conical glass with a stem. People commonly call this cocktail glass a martini glass because the drink is commonly served in this type of glass. If you have a bar at home, you should definitely have martini glasses. It is the drink of choice for many people.  Your guests will be impressed. Also, they will make your home bar design appear appealing.

02 of 08 The highball glass

Besides the martini glasses, you will need highball glasses in your bar as well. As the name suggests, these glasses are tall and used to serve all ‘tall’ drinks. Mostly, long island ice teas are served in highball glasses. However, you can serve other drinks in these glasses besides alcohol like a mix of various juices for a mocktail.

03 of 08 The lowball types

When drinking alcohol, you will have to take presentation into account as well. The manner in which you drink it matters. As the name suggests, lowball glasses are shorter compared to regular glasses. These are used for drinking alcohol like scotch and brandy that are served on the rocks. If you have a home bar and are planning to host parties occasionally, you cannot miss out on these glasses. You can easily find them in different designs and prices. Instead of choosing different types, buy a collection at a time so that all the glasses perfectly match each other.

04 of 08 Beer mugs and pilsners

Beers are commonly served at parties. If you are hosting a party, you must definitely have the right type of glassware to serve beer. Your martini glasses or lowball glasses cannot be used as the quantity of beer served at a time is too much for those small glasses. You should get beer mugs for serving beer. They are large and can contain a huge quantity. Also, the mug handle makes it easier to hold. However, if you want to opt for something more stylish, you can definitely consider getting pilsners for your home bar. They are also quite tall and have a sophisticated look.

05 of 08 White wine glass

You cannot forget about wine when buying glasses. It is one of the most popular drinks served at parties. However, there are different types of wine and you must not serve all of them in the same glass type. The type of glass you choose for your wine can have a huge impact on your drinking experience. If you are serving white wine at your party, you should get a tulip-shaped glass featuring a smaller bowl with a taller stem. This will prevent the heat of your hand from reaching the wine. Since white wine is consumed chilled, this proves to be very useful. Hence, you cannot miss out on white wine glasses. Also, an open bar featuring these glasses will enhance the house design.

06 of 08 Red wine glass

Red wine glasses are very different from white wine glasses. Since red wine has a beautiful flavour, it is served in glasses that have a large bowl because the red wine should be filled only one-third of the glass’s capacity. As a result, you will be able to swirl the wine around and let it breathe. This will allow you to get the full flavour of the wine. Compared to the bowl of red wine glasses, the stem is much smaller.

07 of 08 The flute

You may not have heard of this one as it is not very common at parties. These glasses are mainly used during celebrations or occasions. One of the things people love about flute glasses is the sweet clinking sound they make. Commonly, these are known as champagne glasses as people mostly consume champagne in them. They have a slender look and will rarely be used. However, they should definitely be a part of your home bar because you should definitely have them if you plan to pop a champagne bottle. They will improve your house design if you have an open bar.

08 of 08 Shot glass

Shots are very common at parties. If you want to take shots, you should definitely have shot glasses available. They are small, slim, and can be easily recognised. People who like to host parties a lot should always keep a few shot glasses in the home bar. Their shape and look will add more appeal to your home bar design.