What to Look for in the Best E-Liquid for Vaping

If you are trying to choose the best e-liquid for vaping, you have a lot of different choices. First, make sure that you have your vaping device with wicked coils ready, and then you get to choose. There are so many different flavours on the market that it can be hard to decide where to start. Continue reading to learn what to look for in the best e-liquid for vaping.

What Is E-Liquid?

As you start your journey to find the best e-liquid in the UK, it is important to understand what e-liquid is. E-liquids are also called vape juice or e-juice, and they are made of vegetable glycerine (VG), propylene glycol (PG), and flavour. They may or may not contain nicotine.

They are produced in different ratios, with the most common being 70/30 and 50/50. The 70/30 is thicker and produces thicker smoke, but the 50/50 has more flavour.

What Flavour to Choose

The first question that people have is what flavour to choose. There are hundreds of options out there. Some people are trying to quit smoking, and they want cigarette flavoured e-liquid, but e-liquids don’t replicate the flavours of different cigarette brands. However, there are tobacco flavoured e-juices that are great for smokers.

The top-selling e-liquids are often fruity flavours. Although smokers often start with tobacco flavours, they usually come back to try a fruity e-liquid. As they get away from smoking, their taste buds and sense of smell start to return, which allows them to enjoy the fruit options.

Some of the most popular flavours include blue raspberry and lemonade, tropical fruit, blackcurrant, strawberry, and more. Your favourite will be a matter of personal opinion, and when you start, you can choose smaller 10 ml sample bundles.

What About Nicotine?

When you are choosing the best e-liquid for you, you may want to add nicotine. Some flavours also come with nicotine included. The nicotine in the e-liquid comes in different doses, including 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg. You can choose the dose that is appropriate for your nicotine tolerance level. If you don’t want nicotine, you can choose an e-liquid without it.

Final Words

When you are looking for the best e-liquid for vaping, you have many different choices. In addition to more than 100 flavours, you can choose different doses of nicotine, including nicotine-free e-liquid. Some people start out with a 10 ml sample bundle to try different flavours before choosing one.