Remi Landau Discusses the Future of the Fashion Industry

Remi Landau, who graduated from Syracuse University with a bachelor’s degree in sociology, most recently worked at Bergdorf Goodman as a personal stylist assistant. She oversaw digital marketing and research and the selection of luxury brand apparel for a wide variety of customers. In addition, Remi interned at Epix, Weitz & Luxenberg, and Harpers Bazaar while in school. With the former, she assisted in the coordination of client picture sessions and the development of a comprehensive strategy to help recruit talent and enhance the Epix brand.

We asked Landau about the future of fashion and her views on the role of social media and digital marketing in the industry:

“I think we’re going to see more integration across platforms. There will be less distinction between blogging and personal style websites, for example, and professional websites like Epix. The lines are starting to blur because it’s all about customer engagement. I also feel like we won’t see Facebook having such a major presence in our lives in five years; instead, other sites will become even bigger facets of people’s daily interactions with brands online.”

“Another thing that I think will happen is that the fashion industry will begin to act more like other industries in terms of how it markets its products. People are starting to look for better value when they’re shopping, which has led consumers to seek out e-commerce retailers like Zappos and Net-A-Porter in addition to designer websites.”

According to Landau, in the next five years, people will continue to be able to purchase luxury items online in addition to physically shopping at brick-and-mortar stores. She also predicts that social media will play a more prominent role than ever before in interaction with brands online but that Facebook won’t maintain its current dominance.

Further questioning revealed additional insights into Landu’s views on the future of the fashion industry:

“I think that people will get savvier about how they shop. I also believe that there will be a greater emphasis on customer service, which means consumers will expect to receive free shipping and returns because brands want to offer superior service, so customers become repeat buyers.”

Landau stated her belief that brick-and-mortar stores will remain fixtures in their communities for years to come, continuing to serve as gathering places where fashionistas can browse racks while sipping coffee or cocktails. She also added that social media’s influence on the fashion industry should only continue to grow in importance over time.

She concluded by saying that she’s excited for the future of fashion and technology because there are so many possibilities.

“I think that the fashion industry is going to work harder to increase customer engagement, and I think that social media will become even more integral in how people interact with brands online. We’re going to see an emphasis on customer service, which is great for consumers. In the end, I think that fashion brands are going to have to work harder to prove why one should shop with them, which is amazing for customers.”