Jakim Pearson on How Influencer Culture is Disrupting Advertising

In the last couple of years, advertising has been turned on its head. In particular, influencer marketing has become a key part of communicating a brand’s identity and value to mass audiences.

Jakim Pearson is an expert in the field and has started a movement around brands and influencers working together to influence culture. Here, we ask him what he sees as some of the biggest trends in this space and why agency creatives need to pay attention. In addition, he spoke to us about how brands are now more open than ever before to understanding the value of influencer marketing.

“One thing I’ve noticed is how open brands and agencies are now to understanding the value of influencer marketing. Brands know that influencers – or ‘creators,’ as we like to call them – offer something more than traditional advertising ever has, and they’re looking for ways to incorporate this new form of advertising into their existing strategies.”

“Everyone’s talking about it, and everyone wants in. Advertisers realize that working with influencers has a much bigger impact than traditional media, and they’re looking for ways to get their hands on it. Marketers finally understand what we’ve been saying for years – that there’s something special about the connection an influencer can make with an audience.”

“Influencers know how to make people feel, and they know what they like. So they’ve built up a level of trust with their audience that brands can’t always compete with. Brands are starting to realize the value in this, and there’s no going back.”

“The influencer marketing industry is booming right now – everyone wants in on the action. I’m not surprised – influencer marketing provides a unique way for brands to get their message out there in a modern, accessible way. It’s one of the best forms of advertising we’ve ever seen.” He continues:

“We’re leading a revolution here – no longer are advertisers stuck in the dark ages, where they have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a 30-second spot during the X Factor. Instead, influencers allow brands to tap into real culture, and influencers can offer their audiences something more than just product placement.”

“Influencers and advertisers alike are seeing the value in this type of brand promotion, and it’s catching on. Brands understand that they can get their message in front of a massive audience for minimal cost, and influencers are finally seeing what we’ve been saying all along – that there’s real value in partnering with brands.”

He finishes: “There’s more power than ever before in working together. We see it every day – influencers understand the value of working alongside brands and agencies to create something truly great, and agencies understand how much of an impact influencers can make on brands. This is the future – working together.”

“The world is evolving, and we’re at the forefront of that change. It’s really exciting to be a part of something so big and to know that we’re making a difference. The influencer marketing industry is growing every day – it’s about time.”