How to design a semi-open kitchen

Whether you have a small home design or a spacious one, you can choose to opt for a semi-open kitchen design. This kitchen design is getting very common in modern homes. The biggest benefit of this kitchen design is that it offers the feel of an open kitchen and the privacy of the closed one at the same time. You can easily keep your dirty utensils and kitchen clutter hidden from your guests sitting in the living room or dining room. Mentioned below are a few great semi-open kitchen partition ideas:

01 of 07 Use a frameless glass for partition

There are many semi-open kitchen partition ideas. One of the most commonly used items for a kitchen partition is a frameless glass partition. Although it divides the space physically, your kitchen will be visible from your living room or dining room. Instead of blocking the view, it will act as a barrier for heat, smoke, fumes, and grime and prevent them from permeating outside. You can consider installing a glass door with the frameless glass partition.

02 of 07 Use a framed glass partition

Another common semi-open kitchen partition idea is opting for a framed glass partition. If you want to opt for an industrial-themed or minimalistic design, you can consider choosing framed glass panels for your kitchen partition. Installing framed glass panels helps to add more character to your kitchen interior design while ensuring that smoke and grime cannot escape into your home from the kitchen space.

03 of 07 Choose bi-folding dividers for partition

Using bi-folding dividers for partitions is a great idea because you can open or close it whenever you want. To prevent the fumes and aroma from spreading in your house, you can keep it closed while cooking. However, it can stay open during the rest of the day, giving your interiors a more spacious and airy feel.

04 of 07 Create a service window

Creating a service window to separate the kitchen space from your dining area can do miracles to your interiors. Just like bi-folding dividers, you can close the window while cooking and keep it open when the kitchen is not in use. Moreover, you can create a counter area that will help you to transfer food items from the kitchen to your dining space and also communicate with the people sitting in the dining space while cooking in your kitchen.

05 of 07 You can never go wrong with a sliding door

Consider installing a sliding door in your kitchen for creating a partition. Not only is it affordable but a very practical approach as well for creating a semi-open kitchen design. If the kitchen appears very cluttered and messy, you can just close the door to keep the mess hidden from your guests sitting outside in the dining space. If you want to opt for a semi-open kitchen partition idea that offers more privacy, you can opt for translucent glass sliding doors for creating your kitchen partition.

06 of 07 Create a breakfast counter

You can create a partition in your semi-open kitchen design using a breakfast counter. Using a breakfast counter is a great idea because you can use it for multiple purposes. Besides separating the kitchen from the rest of the space, it provides an extra countertop where you can work. Also, you can serve food on it when required. If you opt for a little wider and bigger breakfast counter, it can be used as a dining table as well. The only issue with this is that you cannot prevent the kitchen odours, fumes, and grime from spreading into the rest of your home. Hence, you should install a kitchen chimney, ensure that your kitchen has large windows and is well-ventilated.

07 of 07 Choose doors with a wider opening

If you want to create a kitchen partition while ensuring that your semi-open kitchen design feels airy and open, you can consider widening the opening of your kitchen door. This is a great semi-open kitchen idea that will not only allow more natural light and fresh air to enter the kitchen when open but also prevent smoke and fumes from escaping when closed. Also, you can easily hide your kitchen clutter by closing the door when required.