How to Choose a Wine with Underground Cellar

Choosing a wine is difficult enough without considering the variables that go into each individual bottle. If you’re not an expert on the topic, it can be downright intimidating. Today we will discuss the basics of wine and how they apply to the Underground Cellar experience.

1) Variety

Red, white, sparkling… The range of wine varieties is vast, and it can be confusing for a novice picker. However, if you are looking to experiment with new wines, why not try something red? Red wines have many different sub-categories that vary based on subtle nuances in taste and color, so you’ll likely find something to your liking.

2) Vintage

How long has it been aging? You should be looking for a wine that is as young as possible and tastes good to you. This can vary depending on the style of wine and how well it ages, but typically if a winery releases a new vintage, they consider it to be as good as it’s going to get.

3) Region

Different regions have different climates and soil types, which affect the taste of the wine grapes grown there. As a result, certain wines are better suited for certain areas of the world. For example, Italian wines will always be a great choice if you want a bottle with a special meal.

4) Producer and Brand

How well established is the winery? Is it a large company with countless years of experience or a small boutique that only produces hand-crafted wines? The more wine made, the better chances that you will find something you like. Check out our quick guides to some of our favorite brands below.

5) Price Point

The best wine for you is the one that fits your budget. If you have been saving up for a special occasion, splurge on a bottle from our high-end collection. Otherwise, take advantage of our amazing deals on large format bottles designed to last longer. You could even combine both!

6) Rating

If you’re trying to understand what a wine tastes like, check out its rating. A high rating is typically the result of a wine that has been tested and approved by a third-party reviewer such as Wine Spectator or Robert Parker. These reviews are written with tasting notes on different aspects of the flavor profile and can also be found on the bottle.

7) Enjoy!

Wine drinking is supposed to be fun, so don’t get too bogged down in the details of what makes it different. We all have our own opinions about which tastes are best, and if you like it, that’s all that matters. So pick up some wine today and enjoy a few glasses to yourself!

8) Mix it up.

Did you know that there is no rule against mixing grape varieties or styles? So have fun with your wine and try different combinations. Maybe go all red, or throw in a little sparkling instead of still. Experimenting will help you find something new, so if you don’t like what you’re drinking, pour it down the sink and try something new.

Don’t feel intimidated by these factors, as they are just some variables that go into how a wine tastes. We at Underground Cellar strive to find unique wines for our customers to branch out and try new things! But you also don’t have to take our word for it. Try a bottle out for yourself and see what kind of experience you can find.