Everything you must know to decide if Spectrum is the right option for you

The Spectrum TV network is a part of Charter Communications. It currently serves over one-third of the entire user population and is active in over 41 states. The Spectrum cable TV service does not use satellite or fibre networks to provide cable TV to the customers. Instead, it uses coaxial cables to deliver the cable TV service. Spectrum mainly offers three different TV packages to the customers.

Spectrum TV select

  • The customers can avail themselves over 125 channels as a part of this package
  • The introductory price is $44.99 per month.
  • There are no premium channels included in this package.

Spectrum TV silver

  • In this package, the customers can avail themselves of over 175 channels.
  • The introductory price is $74.99 per month.
  • Two premium channels are a part of this network. These are HBO Max and Showtime.

Spectrum TV gold

  • In this package, the customers can avail themselves of over 200 channels.
  • The introductory price is $9.99 per month.
  • The premium channels included in this package are Showtime, HBO Max, Starz Encore, and Starz.

The equipment and fees of Spectrum TV network

Whichever one of the Spectrum TV packages you decide to go ahead with, there are certain fees that you will have to bear.

The broadcast fee

The broadcast fee ranges from $12.95 to $17.99 per month. All of the Spectrum TV packages have a broadcast free. The broadcast fee will vary depending on the package that you have chosen. If you have opted for the TV choice or TV stream plan, you can pay $12.95 as broadcast free. Otherwise, you will have to pay $17.99.

HDTV box

The fee for the HDTV box is $8.99 per month. To avail of this, you will also have to get the Spectrum TV receiver for every TV you want the service to be available on. Each of these Spectrum TV receivers will increase your total bill.

DVR fee

The DVR fee in the case of Spectrum TV network is $4.99 per month if you use one device, $9.99 per month if you use two devices or more. The price of the DVR fee is relatively less. Still, the recordings will have to be scheduled strategically since only two shows can be recorded at one time. Spectrum offers its customers a chance to not opt for the DVR service. Unfortunately, this is the only fee that is avoidable.

The installation fee

Spectrum charges $9.99 for self-installation and $49.99 in case of professional installation services. The self-installation charge covers the cable modem that will be needed. Self-installation is a fairly simple option. Therefore, if you wish to go for self-installation, you can save $40.

An increase in the price after the promotion period gets over.

Once you have availed Spectrum services for twelve months, the promo period ends. After the promo period, the bill increases to $35 per month. You can expect an increase of $25 per month in your TV bill. If you avail of phone services, the bill will rise by $10 per month.

Late payment fee

If you do not make the bill payment on time, you will have to pay $8.95 for every late payment. The only good thing is that Spectrum does not apply this fee till 30 days after the payment date ends. To be honest, this is a pretty good grace period.

Spectrum TV app

Spectrum TV app is a crucial part of Spectrum TV services. It allows the subscribers of Spectrum to watch the on-demand shows and live TV. It also allows customers to control the DVR services and change parental controls. There are over 40,000 titles available for customers to watch in the case of the Spectrum TV app.

The app is available on Android, Apple iOS, Amazon Kindle, Xbox, Roku players, Samsung smart TVs as long as they are off the 2012 edition or newer ones. You can use the password and username of the Spectrum TV app to watch the shows on your computer as well.

You can use Spectrum’s on-demand library or the app to watch live TV shows, on-demand movies and other entertainment options. The available titles can be viewed by logging in using your Spectrum password and username.

Spectrum add-on options

The cable packages of Spectrum have a variety of entertainment options. However, if you are looking for a more specific genre like Spanish language channels, sports etcetera you should consider opting for Spectrum add-ons. To opt for Spectrum español pagos, you should call up Spectrum customer service so that they can set you up. The premium networks like Showtime and HBO are a part of the gold and silver packages. However, you can also opt for adding the premium networks to your select package for an extra fee.