Choosing the Wood for a Window: Larch or Oak

Wooden windows are the best of all kinds of windows. These are the warmest, quietest, most comfortable, and beautiful windows. You can купить деревянные окна and even get a complete set with window sills, mosquito nets, platbands, slopes. Let us compare the wood for making windows.

Larch wood

It is likewise a coniferous tree, so all that has been said about sap sections completely applies to it. What’s more, larch looks considerably more adequate than pine, particularly late, with a rich dull earthy colored tone. In nature, a tree lives for right around 600 years, in the wake of handling, the wood can withstand over a century without issues.

Larch benefits:

  • High strength.
  • Protection from distorting. Larch is the lone coniferous tree that isn’t simply liable to rot.
  • The extensive stretch of activity.
  • The gum in the wood fills the air in the room with a genuine woodland fragrance.
  • Wood is hard to measure accurately due to the various pitch sections.
  • Helpless protection from mechanical harm.

If not dried as expected, inner breaks will shape on the wood, because of which the nature of the item will be low.


One of the most grounded trees. The life expectancy of oak is around 1000 years, any oak wood items will serve reliably for a few centuries. The additional time elapses, the more strong the windows look. The primary concern isn’t to neglect to care for them. The consideration isn’t troublesome, it is sufficient to complete preventive estimates once per year.

Pros of oak wood:

  • High strength.
  • Extraordinary hardness.
  • Simple to paint.
  • Great protection from outer impacts.

Got to to get the most point-by-point guidance on the decision of material for wooden windows, considering every single outer factor. Also, your windows will serve you steadfastly for a long time.