5 Golden Rules of Intimate Area Hygiene

Proper intimate area care ensures both hygiene and comfort down there. Unlike other body parts, the privates need extra special and gentle care. So, how to ensure good hygiene in your private parts? Check out these 5 golden tips.

Practice Bikini Waxing Regularly

Don’t use razors for your private parts. The delicate skin there is more prone to cuts and serious accidents. Also, skip hot wax at the parlour since it can burn the soft skin (besides causing a privacy breach).

Instead, consider hair removal at home. Go for full body hair removal cold wax strips that are suitable to delicate the bikini line too. These strips don’t burn the skin. Instead, the best ones contain nourishing formulations for dry, sensitive and normal skin besides providing glowing skin.

Waxing can remove even coarse hair. Regular waxing slows down hair growth and keeps the area hair-free for up to 4 weeks. Plus they exfoliate dead skin cells during depilation so you need not resort to harsh means of exfoliation for the delicate area. You can cut each strip to depilate the narrow bikini line accurately. Alternatively, you can use full-body hair removal cream for bikini.

Wash the Intimate Area Properly

Avoid washing your privates with regular soap to keep pH levels balanced and prevent infections, odour and itching. Choose good-quality gynaecologically and dermatologically tested hypoallergenic intimate wash.

Since the vagina can self-clean, you need not wash the insides, also because that can be rather harmful. Just wash the outsides.

Wash your intimate area with warm water at least once every day. Do it mainly after emptying your bowel to prevent bacterial transmission. During menstruation, wash with warm water at least twice a day. Wash properly before and after intercourse.

Better don’t spray water directly to your vagina to avoid entry of bacteria but allow the water to flow down from the top.

Wipe the Right Way

Don’t clean the intimate area using gloves or a sponge. Anything abrasive can harm the delicate skin there. Just use your hands.

Soak up the water using a fully dried, soft towel. Remember to wash the towel once in 2 days using mild soap and warm water.

Wipe the privates from front to back, particularly if you use vaginal napkins/wipes.

Use Pads and Tampons Properly

Don’t use a sanitary napkin for over 4 hours to prevent the multiplication of harmful bacteria. Change it every 2-4 hours to stay hygienic and feel fresh. Bikini waxing is more important for hygiene if you use pads.

If you use tampons, change them regularly to avoid toxic shock syndrome, a serious condition. Skip tampons if you have an infection. Also, don’t sleep wearing them.

Wear Cotton Panties

The privates need air circulation so they aren’t too humid or favourable for bacterial growth. Synthetic clothes obstruct air circulation. Cotton clothes let your skin breathe. So, go for soft, loose cotton panties for daily use and fancy ones for rare occasions. Minimise wearing tight bottoms.

Make sure to follow the above tips to keep your privates hygienic and in the best health!