5 Cost-Effective Ways To Design Your Children’S Bedrooms

Designing your kids’ room on a budget can be a little difficult. Even though they are young, they have lots of requirements. As a result, your kids’ room ends up costing as much as other rooms. However, there are a few simple tricks and tips used by experts to design a kids’ room. Whether it is a small room or a large room, there are various types of tricks that you can use. If you are not sure about how to create a children’s bedroom design on a budget, here are a few tips that will help you:

01 of 05 Opt for budget-friendly storage solutions

Kids have lots of items. Moreover, they are not very good at organising the room. Hence, a lot of storage space is required in children’s bedroom designs. However, creating storage space can increase your expenditures significantly. You cannot reduce the storage space if you want to reduce your budget. Otherwise, the room will always stay cluttered. This is why you should come up with simple and innovative storage ideas for the room. For instance, you can stack up a few baskets together in one corner for storage. You can buy baskets at very cheap rates and installation charges are not required as well. Moreover, storing in baskets will be very convenient for your kids. Similarly, you can hang tote bags on walls for additional storage. There are many other simple and creative ideas you can come up with.

02 of 05 Paint your old furniture pieces

Furniture pieces are one of the most important things in your kids’ bedroom design. They make the bedroom more functional. From the bed to tables and chairs, you will have to incorporate all the essential pieces. However, furniture pieces can be quite expensive. Buying new pieces will increase your expenses a lot. Instead of buying new pieces, consider upgrading your old ones and reusing them. Find a few unused furniture pieces lying in your storage room and repaint them for an upgrade. It is a very easy task. Choose a paint colour that complements the colours in your kids’ bedroom interior design and paint the furniture pieces. They will appear as good as new.

03 of 05 Use your kids’ artwork as decor pieces

There are many decor pieces you can get in the market at very affordable rates. However, if you want to give the bedroom design a more personlaised look, consider using your kids’ artwork as decor pieces. Select a few drawings or paintings of your kid and get them framed. Although framing will cost you money, the overall expenses will be much lesser than buying new decor pieces. After framing, hand all the pieces together on a wall and create a beautiful wall gallery. This will give the room a more colourful and vibrant look. Also, your kids will love seeing their paintings on the walls.

04 of 05 Use inexpensive options for decorating the walls

Do not leave the walls empty. They appear very boring and diminish the appeal of the room. There are many wall decor items you can use for decorating the bedroom. Although a few of them can be expensive, wall murals are perfect for people looking for budget-friendly options. You can use wall murals to add more character to your children’s bedroom design. Drawing wall murals gives you the opportunity to explore your creativity and come up with great designs. However, make sure that the design complements the rest of the bedroom. Before creating wall murals, you must keep in mind that not everyone can make great wall murals. If you are not very confident, start with a small space first and then gradually move to the rest of the wall.

05 of 05 Buy multi-functional furniture pieces for the bedroom

When buying any item for your kids’ bedroom, you must remember that their needs will change very fast. Hence, if you buy options that can be used only for a few years by your kids, you will have to make additional expenses again. This is why it is always recommended to buy multi-functional furniture pieces. Multi-functional furniture pieces can be used for different purposes and hence, the requirement for additional furniture pieces will ge reduced. For instance, if you buy a bookshelf that can turn into a study table, you will not have to buy a study table after a few years when your kids need it. As a result, you will end up saving a lot of money. Also, many furniture pieces offer additional storage space. They will help to reduce the requirement for additional storage space in your kids’ bedroom.